Looking Ahead

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Outdoor education is defined most radically as educating people for an environmentally sustainable future. It is not about merely establishing an outdoor classroom or providing opportunities for a residential visit, although these are good starting points. We encourage students to recognise that they are not passive vessels for the learning. They are already involved through their very existence in a … Read More

Inspired by the Landscape

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Since the early nineties, definitions of outdoor education have been developed consciously to include educating learners for a changing world while encouraging an ethos of hope and resourcefulness. Outdoor education is about our personal landscapes, as well as the public ones. It is about personal geography as well as geology. In other words, partly, it is about ourselves – active … Read More

Failing with Flying Colours

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Surely the learning environment already accounts for the needs of those who fail. Teachers reframe tasks, students source help from adults or their peers or online. Failure to comprehend, failure to succeed, failure to complete a task – they happen all the time and are normal experiences. And yet nobody embraces failure willingly or easily. The negative impact of repeated … Read More

A Community of Learners

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It’s a sad truism that our schools do not always help to make our young people very employable. It’s an increasingly complex world out there and the constant refrain from the business world is that students leave schools and colleges without the necessary preparation to apply their talents to the world outside the classroom. To get on in the modern-day … Read More

Constructive Learning: An Intrinsic Part of Life

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Student Classmate Friends Understanding Study Concept

It doesn’t matter how straight-forward a task seems to the instructor when the student has never performed the task before. A verbal instruction is not an easy way for a novice to learn anything, or follow a sequence of instructions that they have not followed before. There are easier ways to learn – and not all of them involve learning … Read More

A Mission: Working towards 2050

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world made up of environmental icons

The way in which we live has great impact on the environment and ties to an increase of natural disasters experienced across the planet have become commonplace in the media. The world has finite natural resources and ecological limits and if we can learn to understand, manage and maintain them better they should be all we’ll ever need. Adventure Labs … Read More